© Darren Shaddick 2017

Darren's work is often playful, containing a combination of quick lines and bold graphics. The work produced is very distinctive and stems from wide variety of techniques, including: observational drawing, Risograph printing, storytelling and poster design.

Select Exhibitions

‘Mass Medium’, Petroc Degree Show, Barnstaple, 2015
Print Symposium, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, 2015
Shake, Bristol, 2016
‘Cruise or Lose’, Phoenix, Bristol, 2016
‘Hot ’16’ Graduate Show, Plymouth University, Plymouth, 2016
Plymouth Sound Group Show, D&AD, London, 2016 (Winners of Best in Show)
Drift Records Pop-Up, Totnes, 2016
‘Squashing Vibes’, Peckham, London, 2016
Counter Book Fair, Plymouth 2016
‘Drink ’n’ Draw’, White Moose, Barnstaple, 2017
‘WORK’ Residency Show, Loft 6D, Bristol, 2017

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